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YQ700 miniature gas pressure reducer

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    • Commodity name: YQ700 miniature gas pressure reducer
    • Commodity ID: YQ700

    YQ700Series micro gas pressure reducer

    YQ700Series miniature gas pressure reducer is a small size, light weight, supporting a variety of portable equipment applications, widely used in analytical instruments testing equipment, medical, semiconductor, printing, aerospace, industrial robots and automation, hydrogen fuel cells, packaging and food packaging and other industries, to meet the pressure supply fluctuations and security needs.

    Product Features Features

    High inlet pressure, low output pressure and flow rate

    Multi-stage decompression structure, stable output pressure fluctuation, accurate flow

    The overall use of stainless steel material, with corrosion resistance

    The use of compatible materials in line with the use of media and temperature conditions, good reliability

    The inlet end is equipped with a filter screen to extend the service life of the pressure reducer and protect the equipment used.

    High reliability of compressive strength and simple maintenance



  • YQ700Series micro gas pressure reducer

    Applicable gas medium

    Argon, nitrogen, helium, air, hydrogen, carbon dioxide

    Inlet pressure range


    Outlet pressure adjustment range


    Outlet flow range


    Operating temperature range

    -10~ 60 ℃



    Safety pressure resistance

    1.5 times the maximum inlet pressure (water pressure)


    Structural Dimensions

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