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  1Shanghai Pressure Reducer Factory Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise located in Tianzi Industrial Park, Songjiang, Shanghai. The predecessor of the company is Shanghai Pressure Reducer Factory, which was founded in 1966. It is an enterprise specializing in the production of pressure reducers and pressure gauges of "Shanghai", "Huatian", "Shenli", "Shangjiang", "Sj" and "ShangJian". These brands are well-known in the market and industry. The company has a group of high-quality management personnel and professional technical personnel. Over the past 50 years, with strong technology, exquisite technology, advanced equipment, and complete monitoring methods, it has provided tens of millions of users from all walks of life at home and abroad. product. At present, the production of pressure reducer six series of nearly a hundred varieties, pressure gauge nine series of more than 100 varieties.

In the fierce market economy competition, the company relies on its own technical advantages, the use of new technologies, new processes, new materials, developed a number of high-tech content, high value-added, high-performance high-tech products, it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, military facilities, oil drilling, medical treatment, fire fighting, food and other important fields and special occasions, including electromechanical, metallurgical, chemical, shipbuilding and many other industries, It enjoys a certain reputation among users at home and abroad. Based on the introduction of digestion technology, the pressure reducer designed by itself has entered the US market through the US "UL" safety certification, which has brought considerable economic benefits and reputation to the enterprise.

  The company attaches great importance to modern enterprise management,FromIn 2006, the company passed the GB/T 19001-2000 standard certificationSo far over the yearsThe operationBy July 2018, the GB/T19001-2016 standard was changed.2020Year10MonthGJB/T9001C-2017standards to establish a national military standard system, and in2021Year4The month obtained the national military standard certification certificate. The whole process of the company's production and operation activities are combined under the control of the quality assurance system.ERP management mode, in an orderly manner. The quality policy of "accuracy, excellence and continuous improvement" brings credibility to product quality and credibility to market development. In recent years, our technology research and development team has applied for a number of practical patents and obtained patent certificates, and one of them has obtained an invention patent.

The company will continue to give full play to its own advantages, with a more economical way to develop, manufacture and sell higher quality products at a faster speed, provide customers with better products and services, and win customer satisfaction and recognition, we will also obtain more outstanding talents and technology, and create a dynamic and challenging corporate culture, build an enterprise with advanced culture, everlasting foundation, beautiful environment, harmonious community and shared prosperity.